*Please Note a Face covering is required to shop at our stores*

The Centre

3510 8 St E

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

(306) 933-9332

Monday – Saturday 10am – 6p.m.

Sunday 11am – 5p.m.

Lawson Heights Mall

134 Primrose Drive

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

(306) 955-9332

Sunday – Friday 12pm – 5p.m.

Saturday 11am – 5p.m.

*Covid-19 Update*

We have implemented the following to protect our staff and customers:

*Limit of 6 people in our stores at any one time.

*We have implemented arrows the best we can to direct traffic through our store.

*Hand Sanitizer station available for customers at door upon entry.

*We serve ALL bulk items to you.

*We ask that customers be mindful of handling all our products while in our stores(We cannot sanitize Stuffies)

*No shopping baskets available at front door any longer.(Please ask us, if you require one to make a larger purchase)

(NO customer access to any bulk products)

*We ask that our customers practice safe physical distancing – Keep 2 meters away from others.

*We prefer the use of Visa/Debit/Mastercard

(We still accept cash)

*NO returns/exchanges on ANY products.